ISO 9000 certified by American Global Standards, Llc. USA

Current Infrastructure:

1. Factory situated in industrial area of Chennai, a port city.
2. Laboratory
3. Coal Processing plants
4. Mixers
5. Automatic sievers
6. Jaw Crusher
7. Roller Crusher


The company employs approximately 30 personnel consisting of technical, sales, administration, factory workers etc. The company also has the services of a qualified metallurgist as a senior technical advisor. The metallurgist is a masters in Metallurgy from the most premier Institue of India namely Indian Institute of Science ( IISc ) based at Bangalore. He has over 18 years of experience in ferrous foundries having wide ranging experience with most of the years spent in melting & moulding. He has also been a consultant to many foundries to solve critical sand related defects as well as metallurgical related problems.